About T.J. Murphy

T.J. Murphy

I’m a dad, husband, and writer living in Stoneham, MA.

  • I’m a runner. It’s been up and down for sure, from being a decent marathoner to being a guy who can’t run because he needs a knee replacement. I’ve had the knee replacement! And so now I like to think I’m a runner again.
  • I’m editor of The Writer. The Writer is an old magazine, dating back to the late 1800s. It’s my understanding it was started by a couple of Boston Globe staff writers.
  • I grew up in Iowa. I kind of pinballed my way into a journalism and writing career after majoring in theatre at the University of Iowa. I moved to San Francisco. Then work to me to San Diego. Then I took a job in New York City. Then it was back to San Francisco for another job. Then it was back to San Diego for an old job that became a much bigger job. Then back to San Francisco. Brief stint in Palo Alto. Then I moved to the Boston area in 2013, right after our son was born. We presently live in Stoneham.
  • I’m a Board member of the Stoneham Community Development Corporation. I’m looking forward to blogging about the Stoneham CDC and all it’s got going on. Some big new things happeningin 2023! I have the role of secretary and am just getting started with my involvement. Great group of people and thankful to be a part.

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