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Knee Twist

I started the day with the kids in typical fashion. Breakfast and Khan Academy. One of them spilled a bowl of dry Cheerios. The problem occurred not when I stepped on the cereal but the bowl. On the hardwood floor it turned into an ice skate and I went careening into a cabinet of crayons […]

Heat Exercise: Better Than Altitude

Back in the day, I lived in San Francisco where I discovered summers were given to the fog and chill Mark Twain alluded to in his famous quote. When I made trips back to Iowa, where I grew up, I would enter local running races and experience the difference between a San Francisco July and […]

Mission: Lose 20 pounds fast

The First Weigh-In Hopped on the scale today — an unceremonious beginning in a journey to lose 20 pounds fast. I weighed in at 195 pounds. In early January I weighed 180 pounds, something I had worked hard to attain with a pretty uncomplicated plan: daily burpees, occasional kettlebell swings, and skipping meals. Then it […]