Get More Done In Less Time

A recent story that I wrote for Tough Mudder looked at a few ideas on how to build important tasks into your day. My wife and I are parents dealing with the virtual school and all the other challenges brought on by the pandemic. We’ve realized that trying to get some work done while keeping an eye on our son in his first-grade class (via a Chromebook) is an example of why certain kinds of multitasking just flat out don’t work. But we’ve also realized that in the course of an average day, trying to work, meals, clean-up, and the desire to make things as OK as possible for a four-year-old and a seven-year-old, requires some strategy so that we both get in time to exercise.

For me, it was making the decision to get up an hour or more earlier than the kids get up was key to getting stuff done and taking some pressure off the rest of the day.

Managing time better with the desire to keep stress at bay has been a focus this past 12 months. And it’s something I think I still have a great deal to learn about.

“Time Crunched” is my story posted on Tough Mudder.

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