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Mission: Lose 20 pounds fast

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A first step to losing 20 pounds fast.

The First Weigh-In

Hopped on the scale today — an unceremonious beginning in a journey to lose 20 pounds fast. I weighed in at 195 pounds. In early January I weighed 180 pounds, something I had worked hard to attain with a pretty uncomplicated plan: daily burpees, occasional kettlebell swings, and skipping meals.

Then it was backslide time, 15 pounds worth. I combined 1) a stressful job situation with 2) the general chaos that comes with being a parent of a six-year-old and three-year-old and 3) being in my mid-50s. And not sure but mixing wine and late-night early-Covid cable news and maybe even some ice cream might just may have contributed to poor sleep and weight gain.

As a consequence, my right knee has steadily become arthritic. Excess weight lights up joint arthritis. I can’t run without a painful limp when I’m heavy.

My motivation

I can stretch, mobilize, strengthen, and take fish oil day-after-day and still limp when I try to run. Weight, it seems, is the key problem. When I slipped under 180 late last year I noticed I could run without limping and pain.

My motivation to get back to being able to run is basic in these times of the pandemic lockdown. Our kids like to run laps around the house and be chased by Mom or Dad. My wife, Gretchen, is great at this, bounding around with them as they giggle and sprint. I, however, am not pretending when they leave me in the dust.

There was a time I was a pretty decent runner. I doubt our kids will judge my running ability by a list of personal race records from the 1990s. Unless I change things, they will always know me as being a slug.

Lose 20 Pounds in 10 Weeks

So the goal is to lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks. The true reward will simply be being able to run again and enjoy it. And to be able to run with the kids even though I’m an old dad.

Motivational Beer

Famed Olympic wrestler and University of Iowa wrestling coach Dan Gable has said “there are all kind of ways to motivate yourself.” Taking this cue, once I burn myself down to 175 pounds or less, I will have earned the right to sit in the sun and drink a beer at a nearby brew pub. Or maybe hear in town at The Stones. They have a good beer selection and they’ve converted their parking lot into (for my purposes) a kind of beer garden.

Good beer = carbs and calories. I’m waging that at 175 pounds I should be able to go out for a run the next day to burn it off.

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